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Forrest J. "Forry" Ackerman was a fixture in the science fiction and horror scene for as long as anyone can remember. Having picked up a sci-fi magazine as a nine-year-old boy, the stage was set for a lifetime of passion for the subject. Starting a sci-fi club led to writing one of the genre's first fanzines. Getting to know writers and artists in the field landed Forry work as a literary agent and he began amassing one of the world's largest collections of fantasy material. A meeting with James Warren would turn into a pop culture- changing event as Forry was asked to head a new magazine and "Famous Monsters of Filmland" was born. He started opening his house to the public in the early 1950's, a tradition he would carry on through three Ackermansions up until 2008. His collections were stuffed to the rafters in every nook and cranny, leaving visitors to wonder where there may be living space. "Uncle Forry's Ackermansions" tours us through all three of his homes.

70 Minute historical footage photos and interviews.
DVD extra photos of the Ennis House "House on Haunted Hill".


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