Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic
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Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic

Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic (Volume 1)


In the tradition of the classic EC horror comics enjoy Five stories of horror, fantasy, and fun hosted by your guides No Name and the demon Balrok. Creepy KOFY Movie Time is a late night San Francisco Bay Area horror host show and the inspiration for this Acme Ink compilation comic. Stories include: Corrina by Stefan Jackson,Trevor Von Eeden, Scott Goodell. Bum Hunters & Bumpires by: Kenneth James Thomas, Edbon Sevilleno, Zen, Jack Thomas. Wolf's Bane by: Paul H Birch, Roland Bird, Owen Watts. Cave Girls by: Mel Smith, Christine Logan, Ken Hopper, Ron Luce. Slob by: Strephon Taylor, John Hageman. Cover By: Darick Robertson, Lance Borde. Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic Volume 1 Issue 1 October 2012 Acme Ink Publisher Mel Smith 32 Pages.

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