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HobGoblin The Golem 2 CD Digipak
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HobGoblin The Cabinet of Dr Caligari CD


HobGoblin have finished their third and final in the German silent series of soundtracks. Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and now finally The Golem. By far the most ambitious of the three and coming in with a whopping 25 tracks. The Golem was the perfect film for HobGoblin with it's heavy religious and black magic themes the band got to really stretch it's wings and have some fun. The Golem will be released as a "full sound" DVD and standalone double disk CD.

Disk 1

The Oracle
The Oracle Part 2
Knight Florian
The Secret of Clay
Eviction Served
Beautiful Miriam
In the Shadows
Deadly Cargo
Insulting Response
Waking the Dark
Black Magic
Black Magic Part 2

Disk 2

The Golem Lives
An Ominous Servant
Let's Go Shopping
The Emperor's Guest
A Royal Party
Heart of Clay/Forbidden Love
Awaken by the Shofar Horn
The Golem is Raging
Destroy Everything
Pint Sized Killer
Back to Clay
Emperor Farewell

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